G.L. Bagels & Bakery Hosts Fundraiser for Bark Park

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Story by Janmarie Foschini

     Greenwood Lake Bagels & Bakery owners Christine and Will Moley recently sponsored a Doghouse Gingerbread contest during the month of December. The doghouses were purchased by the Bagel & Bakery shop, and participants purchased the houses, decorated them and returned them to be judged. The contest raised $150, and the proceeds went to the Greenwood Lake Bark Park.

     The contest was open to children 14 and under, with three winners. The first place winner was Bence Radvanyi who received $25. His doghouse was a mini version of the local Bark Park. In second place was Emma Dwyer, who received $20 and third place was Ben, Leah and Lexi Pitiger who received $15.

      The doghouses were decorated festively with Christmas trees, candy, a photo of a dog, dog shaped cookie cutouts and much more.   Participants had their creations on display at the Bagel & Bakery shop for everyone to admire.

     “Greenwood Lake Bagels and Bakery is proud to be a part of and support our Greenwood Lake community with fundraisers like the Doghouse Gingerbread House for the Greenwood Lake Bark Park,” Christine commented.

     Jim and Colleen Reilly, on behalf of the Board of the Greenwood Lake Bark Park, thanked the shop and the contest participants.

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