Showing the Love of Greenwood Lake Through Art

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By Janmarie Foschini


Nancy Clifford, who lives in Greenwood Lake with her husband, Jim, has always been involved in the community. The mother of three children and grandmother to six grandchildren, started “Smile 3152,” painting rocks and hiding them throughout the Village of Greenwood Lake for fun. 

   Always looking for ways to spread joy and happiness in the community, Clifford came up with her current endeavor, “We Love Greenwood Lake Community Art Project.” Inspired by a piece of artwork, she said, “It’s the perfect way to get lots of people involved to show how much we love our little Village.”

  After the success of her community project last year, “Something Fishy,” where over two hundred fish were painted by the community and made into a mural outside the Greenwood Lake Community Center, she knew this would be another great and fun way to get the community involved. 

Four hundred and fifty hearts were purchased for $2 a piece by residents over the last several weeks. Community members are still busy at work painting and decorating their hearts. The final project will stand eight feet tall and will spin when the wind blows. 

The display will be placed near the Senior Center in front of the gazebo on two large hearts that were generously made and donated by Tony Donato and will be displayed proudly for the community and visitors to enjoy. 

“Mayor Jesse Dwyer gave his support and will have the Village crew on hand to help with the installation. Tony Donato enthusiastically gave his time and supplies,” said Clifford.  “I also want to thank my fabulous husband, Jim, who supports me and all of my crazy ideas. And finally, a big thank you goes to all the people who painted the three-inch hearts that will be attached to the final project.”

In addition to her community art projects, Clifford has been a Girl and Boy Scout leader, past member of the Greenwood Lake Ambulance Corps, and a former owner of two businesses in Greenwood Lake – Taylormade Frames and Art Supplies and co-owner of Great Beginnings Nursery school.  

“I love living in Greenwood Lake, and as long as I’m still breathing, I’ll be planning something. Always have to have a dream,” said Clifford, adding that any money left over from the supplies will be donated to the Greenwood Lake Food Pantry. 

Photo provided 

Members of the Greenwood Lake community are participating in an art project. Shown here are some of the hearts painted by a Greenwood Lake resident.

Photo provided 

Residents are busy decorating their hearts for the Greenwood Lake Community Art Project. The finished hearts will be displayed in front of the Greenwood Lake Senior Center.

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