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Update on Orange County Sheriff Jail Visitation

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     Earlier this week Sheriff Carl E. DuBois, in consultation with the Orange County Commissioner of Health, Dr. Irina Gelman, temporarily halted contact visitation at the Orange County Correctional Facility as a precautionary measure to aid in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The COVID-19 virus can lead to fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

       Sheriff DuBois has developed a temporary, no physical contact, visiting schedule that will provide those who desire to visit incarcerated individuals in a setting not conducive to the spread of the virus. Visiting is open seven days per week in half-hour increments. Potential visitors may enter the Renovo website to register for a visit and are required to be present at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the visiting start time for check-in and security screening.

Clergy and attorneys needing access to parishioners or clients should continue to contact 845-291-7682 to pre-arrange appointments for admittance. Arrangements for such visits remain at the discretion of the Sheriff based on health-related circumstances as the Sheriff may reasonably fix. The Sheriff’s Office is continuing to explore internet-based video visitation and will update if such visitation is able to be offered. Additional information about the status of visitation and/or internet-based visitation may be found through the Sheriff’s social media, the Renovo website, and local press outlets.

It is important to get information from reliable sources. Please go to the Center for Disease Control website at for the latest information. The NYS Department of Health has also set up an information line which can be accessed 24-hours per day. You may call 1-888-364-3065 to speak with a NYSDOH expert who will answer questions. You can also contact the Orange County Department of Health website at for updates.

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