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Bells of Hope Ring in Warwick on Easter Sunday

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      Churches, temples, and former church buildings throughout the Town of Warwick rang their bells on Easter on Sun., Apr. 12 at 12 noon as a sign of solidarity and hope during this period of isolation and social distancing due to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis.

        Many residents stood outside of their homes and some ventured to Village streets to listen to the bells chime, which was a coordinated effort sponsored by the Town of Warwick, Village of Florida, Village of Greenwood Lake and Village of Warwick.

      “We hope the effect will be a sound heard across the entire valley and give a sense of promise and of course hope,” said Village of Warwick Mayor Michael Newhard.

      While standing in front of Baird’s Tavern on Main St. in the Village of Warwick, Town Supervisor Michael Sweeton videoed the event live on the Town of Warwick’s Facebook page.

      In a message he gave via video to residents, Sweeton said, “The Bells of Hope is a message that we won’t be beat. We will carry on and we will be stronger than we were before.”

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