Mayor Harter: Florida Has Risen to the Occasion

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Hello Florida,

April has been a very trying time for all of us in one way or another. Based on what the Governor has been saying the last few days, there finally looks to be some light at the end of this long tunnel. Until then, many are still in need of help and going forward will continue to need it until they can rebuild their lives. From what I’ve seen throughout the Village, many of our great citizens have and continue to help those around us who are not as fortunate as others. I’m very proud of how Florida has been rising to the occasion and working together to help each other during this pandemic.

If you would like to get involved or need assistance here are some great organizations to contact: Florida Community Food Pantry via Facebook or call 651-4117 and Adopt a Town of Warwick Senior via Facebook or call number-986-2031 or 986-1124.

The Red Cross is asking for anyone who has recovered from Covid-19 to donate plasma to help those who are still battling the virus. The antibodies in that plasma have been shown to attack the active virus in other patients and could be a life-saving option for someone who is struggling with this disease. To qualify for donating you must be: 17 Years old and 110 pounds; in good general health; and diagnosed with COVID-19 and be symptom free and fully recovered. For more information and to fill out an eligibility form, visit

The above column, written by Village of Florida Mayor Daniel Harter, Jr., has been published in the Apr. 29 issue of the Warwick Valley Dispatch.

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