Assemblyman Brabenec: Blue Lives Matter

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Assemblyman Karl Brabenec encourages everyone to support law enforcement officers. Additionally, Brabenec is calling on the Governor to suspend the bail reform changes adopted last year indefinitely through an Executive Order. Amidst uncertain protesting situations in New York State and around the country, police officers are being cast in an overwhelmingly dark light and their jobs have been made harder by the flawed bail reform laws. Brabenec is urging other law enforcers to speak out in support as well.

 “There should not be a one-sided narrative to the current state of our country, but there is,” said Brabenec. “Police officers are being condemned for trying to keep the peace. Violent protesters have assaulted police officers and, still, the media is justifying riots and destruction of property as being ‘the tip of the iceberg.’ I am speaking out to show my support for all law-enforcement officers because it seems some are afraid to speak up for fear of being reprimanded.” 

Brabenec continued, “Blue Lives Matter! Police officers sacrifice their lives to protect yours, and while everyone agrees that the actions that led to George Floyd’s death should be condemned, I cannot sit by while every cop is collectively labeled as evil and racist. In fact, that line of thinking is exactly what the protesters are speaking out against. I do fully support our constitution and our right to peaceful assembly. The great thing about being American is our constitutional right to assembly and free speech. I want to make sure, however, that if things take a turn for the worse, our police officers will be able to act without fear of being publicly chastised.”

Assemblyman Karl Brabenec

4 thoughts on “Assemblyman Brabenec: Blue Lives Matter

  1. Yes, this is not one-sided and innocents on both sides are being hurt.
    There is much work to do, and we need discernment, patience, and compassion to settle the egregious initial actions as well as responses.
    God bless us, every one.
    Thank you, sir.

  2. I am all for supporting the police and obeying commands. That should be a way to promote deescalation in cases of tension or questionable circumstances. And it should lesson the stress on both parties.
    However, I do think there should be lay access to complaints against police officers. Perhaps not to the public but to a citizen review board. Why? It might come to pass that officers like Chauvin and Rolfe might not be in the field and come up for charges of murder. Not to mention having mourning families. Not all actions are justified in law enforcement. And a lay board should able to weed out frivolous complaints. But silence among colleagues does nothing to serve the public and only to cover one’s behind. It is not hard to imagine, with the lack of videos that shootings in the back or knees on the throat would get swept under the rug,

  3. I agree with Karl Brabenec There is no respect for law enforcement today. And yes, we need to change the system and weed out the bad cops. Maybe on intake within the psychological questions. Rephrase a question to disqualify anyone that harbors animosity toward race, color or religion

  4. Why would you add Rolfe? His charges are toast. The prosecutor, who is under criminal investigation, made it clear, just days before, that a taser IS a deadly weapon. That was the basis of his charges against to cops. Now his case is based on a taser NOT being a deadly weapon. Brooks fired a deadly weapon at Rolfe and just missed his head. We cannot allow mobs to do what they did in the days of the Klan. Every study shows that these sweeping charges against the cops are based on lies. The facts refute these lies.

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