Florida Residents to Vote Via Absentee Ballot

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Voters in the Florida Union Free School District will decide on a $22,699,765 budget proposal for the 2020-21 school year. Votes will be cast by absentee ballot only, as determined by New York State. Absentee ballots were mailed to all known registered voters. 

   Ensure the validity of the ballot by signing the statement of absentee voter. Mail ballots early, using the pre-paid return envelope. All ballots, must be received by the district office by 5 p.m. on June 9, whether mailed-in or dropped-off at S.S. Seward Memorial Building, 51 Main St., Florida, NY. To request an absentee ballot, contact the School District Clerk at 651-3095.

Through careful planning and cost and personnel reductions, the proposed budget keeps the tax levy increase to 2.29 percent. This increase is below the district’s tax levy limit calculation as defined by the state law.

The current proposal increases spending by $12,545, or 0.06 percent, and reflects investment in the District’s health and safety capacity, cyber security and data protection. It prioritizes support for existing academic programs and the continued enhancement of technology for instruction and data protection, while building additional capacity in the areas of health and safety by investing in personal protective equipment.

Board of Education Election

Voters will elect one member to the Board of Education. The candidate on the ballot is incumbent member Coleen Connolly whose term expires on Tues., June 30.

Purchase of School Buses

Voters will also decide on a proposition for the purchase of two 28-passenger school buses in the amount of $130,000. The purchase would allow the district to retire two 14-year-old buses with over 100,000 miles each. 

More about FUFSD 2020-21 budget proposal

Register to Vote

  To register to vote contact the Orange County Board of Elections by mail or online through the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles website at https://dmv.ny.gov/more-info/electronic-voter-registration-application

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