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Gov. Cuomo Handled COVID-19 Crisis with Compassion 

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I must respectfully disagree with Assemblyman Brabenec’s letter. He disagrees with the way Governor Cuomo has handled the coronavirus pandemic. At a time of crisis, a strong and able leader is essential. We certainly did not receive leadership from Washington. The President left this responsibility to the states.

  Based upon the data, our COVID-19 numbers have decreased. Why?  Because our governor took action. A stay home order worked. As I listen to the governor every day during his briefing, I am struck by his reliance on the numbers not politics, facts not opinions. He wants the state to reopen as much as we do, but has correctly put the safety of New York citizens above economic concerns.   

As New York numbers have decreased, other states’ numbers are on the rise. I for one am very happy I live in New York State with such a great governor who has handled this unprecedented crisis with compassion, empathy and professionalism.  



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