Officers React Quickly to Help Save Deer in Distress

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By Lourice Angie

      On Fri., May 29, the Town of Chester Police Department received a call from a local resident about a deer in distress in an area of marsh behind 1360 Kings Hwy. in Sugarloaf.  Chester Police Officers Rob Bird and Richard Perez were dispatched to the scene. 

  Upon arrival, it was discovered that the deer was about 1,000 ft. out in the center of the marsh. The exact location of the animal was inaccessible by foot and knowing that time was of critical urgency, Officer Bird called on the assistance of volunteers from the Chester Fire Department and from the neighborhood. 

  A concerned citizen that lived nearby offered to lend the officers a small boat to help with the rescue. Without hesitation and in an effort to help the deer, Officers Bird and Perez paddled their way through the thick marshy area which is home to many other kinds of wildlife including snapping turtles and snakes.

Officer Bird managed to remove a large tree off of the deer while officer Perez managed to steady the boat and hold the deer still so as not to cause any further distress or injury to the animal. Once the tree was completely knocked down and cleared, the deer was freed, making its way further down the marsh to safety. 

During the entire time, the officers were being cheered on by members of the Warwick Valley Humane Society. Warwick Valley Humane Society President Suzyn Barron said that they are extremely grateful to the officers who helped save this deer.    

    “These are not your average everyday calls, but the Town of Chester Police Department alongside our Warwick and Greenwood Lake Police Departments are our partners in helping animals of all kinds. They always do what they can to ensure their safety. Our shelter is extremely grateful for their dedication to helping our communities every day, but especially on days like this,” said Barron.

Photo provided 

Town of Chester Police Officers Rob Bird & Richard Perez paddled their way through the marsh in order to help rescue a distressed deer. 


Photo provided 

Town of Chester Police officers were on the scene during a deer rescue. Pictured (from left) are:  Officer Robert Stack, Detective Lee Slaughter, Officer Robert Bird & Officer Richard Perez.


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