Greenwood Lake School District Wraps Up School Year 

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By Janmarie Foschini

The Greenwood Lake School Board held their final meeting of the 2019-2020 school year on   Wed., June 17 via Zoom. The academic school year for students came to a close on Fri., June 12. However, teachers were still holding office hours and collecting assignments the following week. 

  During the meeting, Superintendent Sarah Hadden thanked the community for their support in passing the school budget and welcomed newly elected School Board members – Matthew Buckley, Aaron Nowak and Michele Kayser.  

Summer Update

A Summer Enrichment Program and Summer Skills Builder Program are in the works. Additional information will be provided as the program details get underway. 

The School District will purchase eight electrostatic (disinfectant) sprays. These quick drying sprayers easily clean, sanitize and disinfect classrooms and commons areas throughout the buildings. 

Tenured Staff

Seven staff members – Christina Bianco, Jessica Cullen, Jill Foley, Heather Greenberg, Laurie Nowak, Caroline Patterson and Jennifer Spitaleri – received tenure during the meeting. 

Elementary School has Car Parade

  Elementary School Principal Dianne Connolly wishes everyone a wonderful summer. The elementary school wrapped up the end of the school year. Third grade students participated in a car parade with their families, who decorated their vehicles and drove through the streets in the Village. As they drove by the elementary school, they were greeted with waves and cheers from their teachers.

Following the parade, families returned home to a virtual ceremony honoring the students for all their achievements. Students also picked up their belongings and dropped off school items. Connolly gave a big thank you to all the staff for their hard work. 

Middle School Updates

  Middle School Principal Jeffrey Golubchick discussed the year end festivities for students.  A virtual award ceremony was held for those in the seventh and eighth grades who participated in athletics throughout the school year.  Students in the eighth grade will be honored with a parade through the Village and a virtual graduation ceremony.  

School Board Meetings 

  Beginning in the fall, all School Board meetings will be held on Monday evenings at 7 p.m.

Photo by Janmarie Foschini

Kylie Frey is shown here during the Elementary School car parade.  Third grade students participated in a car parade honoring their moving up to the Middle School.


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