Mayor Dwyer: Heavy Snow Predicted for Wednesday Night

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As we all brace for what could be a very powerful storm, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind residents of some planning measures they should take. First, parking on any street during, before or after the storm is not only a violation of Village code, it is very dangerous. 

  Our DPW will be out plowing during the worst of conditions and vehicles parked in the roadway poses a risk to their safe operation. Parking in the roadway after the storm, especially one that brings one foot or more of snow, will reduce our ability to clear the roads adequately for safe travel. 

  Other things to consider when preparing for such a storm is to check on neighbors and the elderly prior to the storm to make sure they have basic supplies such as food and water, as well as any necessary prescription medications to make it a few days if things get bad. The same should be done for your own household.

  When clearing driveways or sidewalks, please do not plow or shovel snow into the roadway as this is very dangerous. For the children of our Village, Thursday morning will be your opportunity to earn some special points for Christmas – get out there and shovel your walkways and clear off your parents’ cars. After that, enjoy some hot chocolate and sleigh riding! 






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