Mayor Harter: Major Snowstorm Coming

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    Winter has come to the Village of Florida and with it the threat of a major snowstorm for us and the entire area. When this column is published, we could have over a foot of snow to deal with by Thursday morning! I would like to remind everyone that there is no overnight parking on Village streets until Apr. 1. This is enforced to make sure our DPW has the ability to plow our streets without obstacles in their way. I’d also like to mention that sidewalks in front of houses within the Village are the homeowner’s responsibility to clear them. We’ve had many new residents move into the Village who may not be aware of this. If you have a new neighbor that this could pertain to please let them know. Most importantly of all, let’s all try to look out for one another this winter. We have many elderly residents who live alone and with the snow and cold weather on the way, we should check on them to make sure they are okay, along with any other of our neighbors that could use help this year. Stay safe and stay warm Florida.

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