Mayor Dwyer: Continue to Follow Rules

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As New York starts to reopen for business, we must each take responsibility for our actions.  It’s a very unusual time, living in such an amazing place such as Greenwood Lake and being told to stay indoors, don’t go to work and essentially eliminate all social interaction. Then when the door opens again, people want to go back to normal as quickly as possible. Greenwood Lake has an unbreakable commitment of supporting each other and this reopening will be no different. 

As we all go out to support our local businesses, we must remind ourselves that things are far from back to normal. Whether we agree with them or not, we have strict rules to follow which lead to even stricter consequences if not followed. However, for the most part, the consequence falls on the business when we fail to follow the rules. The Governor recently threatened to revoke liquor licenses if businesses cannot manage their customers’ social distancing efforts. Therefore, the responsibility is on US to follow the rules to ensure our businesses can do well and maintain their ability to operate. So please, when you go out to support our local businesses, do your best to maintain social distancing rules, wear your mask when applicable and do your part to support our local economy – they need you more now than ever before. 







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