Mayor Newhard: It is Just a Phase! Phase 1 NYS Re-awakens

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When the Executive Order declaring the Health State of Emergency was initiated March 7, 2020, by Governor Cuomo, little did we know the rollercoaster of events that would follow. Quickly and systematically our world has changed and that continues. At this moment, three months later, we are at Phase 1 of reopening our region and our communities. This is welcome news, encouragement in the face of months of discouraging reports. It means we can peek out of the pause, gather in no more than ten individuals with masks and physical distancing, construction can resume, and our retailers and shops can offer curbside pickup. A little light! As hard as these restrictions are, they are based on science, based on other examples and experience, and have been effective deterrents to a rebound.

This is an important period because it is the threshold to greater freedom and activity. I urge everyone to continue the hard work we have been doing. Social or physical distancing, mask-wearing is both imperative and the norm. This may remain for some time, it is so important we remain responsible as individuals, families, businesses, and government.

Governor Cuomo may seem hard-headed, but his leadership has been imperative. Dealing with specific epicenters and hard-hit regions such as our own has been a challenge. The reopening is as difficult due to the pressure from all sectors. It is in the end up to us to use common sense. Orange County Government has been a vital connection to the Governor’s Office and the team headed by County Executive Steven Neuhaus, DOH Commissioner Dr. Irina Gelman, and Emergency Management Commissioner Brendan Casey have been exemplary. There is a county-wide municipal call everyday giving updates.  This is followed by a call between Mike Sweeton, Mayor Harter, myself, and intermittently Mayor Dwyer, to compare notes and to support each other. I appreciate these calls especially as we are focused on the strength and well-being of Warwick.

So, Warwick is open for business – curbside and pickup. Let’s celebrate! Please visit your favorite shop and restaurant and say hello after what has been a lengthy pause – the pandemic nap! We are and remain Warwick Strong! 

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