Mayor Harter: Proud of Class of 2020

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We have entered phase 1 of the reopening of our region but we still have a long way to go before we get back to normal. Everyone has been impacted by this virus in one form or another; the 2020 graduating class of S.S. Seward is among them. 

Many final high school rites of passage that prior classes were able to experience they will not due to the pandemic. The community is doing what it can to help and commemorate your accomplishment during these strange times. Support is being shown to you by orange and blue lights signifying our school colors being lit up in the evening throughout the Village along with a senior car parade being planned for the 20th of June. 

I just want to say this to the Class of 2020, know that your community is proud of and supports you during these trying times of history. You come from a community that is strong and like many graduating classes before you who were entering a world in uncertain times whether it be war, economic turmoil or post 9/11 terrorist attacks you will get through this and you will succeed. 

Congratulations S.S. Seward class of 2020!

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