Mayor Dwyer: Thank You Volunteers

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In a community full of dedicated volunteers, we find ourselves in an unfamiliar place. This time of year, we’d usually see countless volunteers out there – coaching little league, running scout outings, holding bake sales for children outside the post office, cleaning the community for our annual clean sweep event and so many other activities. But with social distancing rules being what they are, we’re given unique challenges to find ways to contribute to our community. 

Last week we had two groups directly contribute in great ways. Martin Bernard, working with Ed Bilello, completed the renovation of our Past Servicemen Memorial at the corner of Windermere Ave. and Church St. This memorial was completed just in time for the solemn Memorial Day one week ago. Martin donated his skills and time and we thank him very much. 

You may have also noticed our beautiful flower baskets and planter boxes were put out. These are a direct result of the creativity and hard work of Ed English. Joining Ed this year in planting the flowers were Gina Simmione and Ed Bilello. Thank you all for your wonderful contributions and time. 

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