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When it was announced on a Friday afternoon that students, faculty, and staff would not be coming back the following Monday because of the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers acted quickly to post lessons on Google Classroom to suffice until classroom activities started up again.

Preparing for a longer closure, the Warwick Valley Central School District’s (WVCSD) Information Technology Department, a team of three Instructional Technology Facilitators (ITF), two Cloud Integration Engineers and four Computer Technicians, helped activate Warwick’s distance learning plan from a temporary solution to a fully realized system of software, hardware, platforms and support that has transformed how the district communicates and collaborates under the “new normal.”

The IT Department is comprised of Brittni Aberasturi, ITF at Sanfordville Elementary School; Yvonne Koulikov, ITF at the Middle School and High School; Amanda Melican, ITF at Park Avenue; Senior Cloud Integration Engineer Ab Hamdoun; Junior Cloud Integration Engineer Jordan Cangialosi; and computer technicians Julian Negri, Pete Presti, and Dave Robbins.

Planning for the Future

With many platforms solidly in place to carry Warwick’s students and faculty through the end of the year, the tech team is reflecting on the feedback they’re receiving and looking ahead to next year.

“We’re navigating uncharted waters,” said Ms. Melican. “But we’re learning what tools work best, and which ones the teachers may want to keep using once we’re back at our buildings.”

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Yvonne Koulikov, Instructional Technology Facilitator for Warwick Valley Middle & High Schools works at home in her remote workspace.

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