WFD: Water & Electricity Don’t Mix

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By Michael Contaxis, 1st Assistant Chief Warwick Fire Department

The Warwick Fire Department (WFD) has responded to 141 calls for service to date as of Sun., May 31. The WFD would like to remind all drivers to use caution, drive the speed limit and don’t drink, drive and text.  All speed limits are posted on all roadways; please drive safely.

Warwick Fire Prevention Report

  Many home fires are preventable. While home with your children and family members, we ask that you explore online fire prevention training activities with them to help keep them and your families Warwick fire safe. Follow for fun interactive ways to learn about fire safety.  Remember June is National Safety Month and to always use caution in and out of your home.

Water & Electricity Don’t Mix 

  Electric Shock Drowning (ESD) severely injures and kills people every year. ESD occurs when faulty wiring sends electric current into water, which passes through the body and causes paralysis. This could ultimately result in drowning.

How to Avoid Electric Shock Drowning

  To avoid Electric Shock Drowning: locate and label all power switches to pool, hot tub, spa equipment, and lighting; make sure all pools, hot tubs, and spas are at least 25 feet from power lines; all wiring and repairs should be performed by a qualified electrician; have a qualified electrician inspect your pool, spa, or hot tub annually; and install GFCIs, which can prevent electrocution, on all receptacles within 20 feet of the water’s edge. 

  If you see an Electric Shock Drowning: do not enter the water; turn off the source of power; call 911; and use an insulated device (such as fiberglass rescue crook) to attempt to remove victim from water.

  Firefighters Needed

      For those who are 16 years of age or older who want to give back to the community, join the Warwick Fire Department. For more information call 986-3473 or send an email to or

Photo courtesy of the Warwick NY Fire Department

Shown in the photo are Warwick Fire Department Lieutenant Scott Lemin & Firefighter Kevin Colomba using a Hurst Strong Electronic Tool to safely extinguish burning leaves under a shed.


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