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The Warwick Area Migrant Committee (WAMC) serves local farmworker families and continues to do so now. At no time before has the committee been more grateful to the Warwick community for its support. The committee has been contacted by many asking how the farmworker families are doing.

   WAMC, community volunteers and staff from Hudson River HealthCare have been delivering food each week to about sixty households. The food pantry is also open five days a week providing food for community members who can drive there.

  This month, WAMC launched, “The Gratitude Project,” which has helped them to strengthen their approach. WAMC asked farmworkers to write about anything they felt grateful for and what they may have learned from their COVID-19 experience. Many wrote that they are grateful to spend more time with their families. They are also grateful to local organizations such as the WAMC and The Alamo, which has provided them with food for their families. 

   The expression of gratitude seems like a natural human response. While it does not take much effort, it yields a tremendous gift to both the person expressing it and those receiving it. Living in these times has made WAMC more aware of the gifts of family, friends, and community, making WAMC feel more grateful.

   To learn more about WAMC visit www.wafarmworkers.org or follow them on Facebook or twitter.

Warwick Area Migrant Committee volunteer John Redman loads his car with packages of food that he delivered to farmworker families in the area.


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