Win a Grand Prize in Warwick Prevention Coalition ‘Sticker Shock’ Contest

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Did you know four out of five Warwick students choose not to smoke marijuana?  Warwick Valley Prevention Youth Coordinator Francesca Bryson wants to make sure that you do! The Warwick Valley Prevention Coalition will be initiating a campaign called the “Sticker Shock” in June. 

  The stickers all have an important message on them taken from the Warwick Youth Survey results of 2019. The “Sticker Shock” is designed to be a conversation starter between parents and their children about topics such as drug and alcohol use. The Coalition will be distributing the stickers to these locally participating pizzerias: Luca Trattoria-Pizzeria in the Warwick ShopRite Plaza, Frank’s Pizza on Main St., Franico’s on Elm St., Franico’s on Main St. in Florida, and the Harvest Luncheonette in Pine Island. 

  While it’s important for parents to have these conversations, the Coalition also wants to make it fun and offer a contest incentive. The contest will be four weeks long and run from June 1 to June 30.  The top five families to collect and cut out the most stickers and turn them into the Warwick Valley Prevention Coalition will win a prize. Families can turn them in via the Coalition’s Facebook page; Instagram @warwickyouthcoalition or email them to  Send one picture of the completed collection.

  The grand prize will be a $50 Visa Card, $60 gift card to the Warwick Drive-In Theater, and one large pie with one topping. The next four families will each be receiving a $60 gift card to the Warwick Drive-In and one large pie with one topping. 

  The Warwick Valley Prevention Coalition is a group of concerned parents, youth and community partners working to reduce alcohol and marijuana abuse among youth and to prevent initiation into all drug use by encouraging wise and healthy choices by all community members. For more information send an email to Francesca Bryson, WVPC Youth Coordinator at


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