Mayor Dwyer: Be Safe on the Lake

News & Updates

Village Hall Reopening Soon

Village Hall is expected to reopen with relatively normal operating conditions in the beginning of August. During the closure resulting from the pandemic, we took advantage of a grant funded opportunity to renovate the building and convert our entrance, Clerk’s window and bathroom to fully handicap accessible facilities. 

The $50,000 grant funded project comes from Orange County’s Community Development Block Grant Program. This funding ultimately comes from the Federal HUD program. Simultaneously, we are using a similar grant program to transform the senior center into a handicap accessible building as well – a project that was long overdue! That project is being funded with a similar grant in the amount of $110,000. Unfortunately, we are told that Senior Centers may not be opening until September, at best. 

Boater Safety

You may have noticed an increase in police activity on the lake over the last couple months. With the increased traffic from the NYC area into our region, we are seeing more and more less experienced boaters from other areas enjoying our lake. While we welcome the tourism, we are obligated to do everything in our power to ensure the safety of those visiting as well as those who live here. In addition, we are cracking down on speeding in the arms of the lake where small craft and engineless boats enjoy calmer waters. Please do your part in following the rules and ensuring you are operating under smart safety measures. 

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