Mayor Harter: Congrats S.S. Seward Class of 2020

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Hello Florida,

The S.S. Seward Institute Class of 2020 were finally able to graduate and close a chapter in their young lives, allowing them to look forward to the future. The ceremony was very different from years past, but proud parents and family members present to witness and support their graduate remained the same. Congratulations class of 2020! 

The weekend saw many people at Glenmere Park enjoying time on the water or on the trails. I want to remind everyone to please pick up after yourselves and others. There is no excuse to leave garbage that will eventually make it into our drinking water.

As a drinking water reservoir, I want to make clear it is illegal to swim in Glenmere lake. It’s very tempting to do so on these hot summer days but please obey the rules that help protect our lake.

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