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Recently, we lost a very special person. Amy Lawlor grew up in Warwick and was part of the Feldner tribe. Funny, when you grow up in a place you know acquaintances through their family – their ties to the community, church, business, history. Amy’s dad was a mathematics teacher in the High School for over 25 years so that gave him a distinction in a small town. I knew Amy a bit growing up, she was older, so she was part of an older crowd. I grew to know her better when I resettled back home. 

A graduate of Drew University who majored in music, she had a remarkable ear and talent.  She was the lead organist for the Warwick United Methodist Church for over 40 years and recently for the Sugarloaf Methodist Church. She had a deep love for spiritual music. Amy played many roles in the community. As the Executive Assistant at Warwick Telephone Company, she supported a series of top executives during the changing tides of telecommunications, cable, and corporate mergers. Amy had a calm that was pervasive, that set a tone, and as someone with tremendous responsibilities, was critical during this time.

The Looking Back column in the Warwick Valley Dispatch under Amy’s keen observation has become an important part of a community read. The curated history of Warwick has been a treasure trove of information that gives us a glimmer as to how we got to where we are. I once asked Amy if she would take the mantle as Village Historian but at that time her desire to be close to her family took precedent.

I grew to know Amy through these various accomplishments and like many, grew to love her for her unwavering appreciation and sense of pride for this Valley and its people. I will never forget our conversations about music we loved, or people that stirred our imaginations. The commonality of growing up in the same place and the different folks and friends we knew made for a clear intimacy of details that were shared and cherished.

We will miss this remarkable, beautiful, and strong woman. She left a printed legacy and a musical remembrance for us all to relish and enjoy. I was honored to know her, to laugh with her and to dream a bit about Warwick’s past, be a part of its current moment and hope for its future. Amy, thank you for the joy and love you shared.


Last week I thanked so many who helped to accomplish the Street closures for expanded outdoor dining and I forgot to mention two people:  Dave and Dan Getz, father and son team from Lehman and Getz Engineering that developed the critical maps showing the detours and expanded dining areas. Thank you for your hard work and for helping make this happen! 


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  1. A nice tribute to Amy, Michael. Your writing skill is exceeded only by your artistic window displays

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