Student Presents Gift to Warwick Historical Society

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The Warwick Historical Society (WVHS) received a special drawing of the Old School Baptist Meeting House from Julianne Doherty, a WVHS Student Board Member. Doherty, who will be moving from Warwick this summer, presented the drawing as a gift to the Historical Society’s archives.

   The Historical Society would also like to share the following letter they received from Julianne Doherty:

There’s nothing better than doing things that you’re passionate about. I initially realized that I loved history in the fourth grade. Primarily because of the hard work that this organization has put in with the student tours. Currently, I am a junior and have grown enough to realize that I have a passion for the fine details of the past. 

The Student Board meetings were more than thrilling. I had the chance each meeting to experience the beautiful aspects of Warwick’s history. I now have created an artistic telling of a famous Warwick landmark. I wish that my artwork resembles an artifact and that the youth stays lively with our town’s history through my revival of the History Club.

Photo provided 

This drawing of the Old School Baptist Meeting House by Julianne E. Doherty was presented to the Warwick Historical Society as gift for the archives.


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