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Warwick is a Lovely Town that Welcomes People of Any Race

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  After reading last week’s less than fair and balanced article in the Chronicle about charges of Racism in Warwick, I was upset and saddened that the good people of Warwick are being accused of racism by some of their own neighbors. Warwick is a lovely Town that welcomes people of any race who move here for good schools and open space. 

  My kids and grandkids went to the Warwick schools and classes were always mixed. I never heard any charges of Police Brutality or Coded Micro-Aggressions. And certainly, never heard the appalling suggestion that firetrucks might not show up at a black person’s house!

  Why is it so easy to convince good people that they are bad? That there’s racism under every rock where none exists? That it’s wrong to support firefighters and police, wrong to respect the flag or kneel to God? Wrong to say ALL Lives Matter? When there are both black and white Americans who agree that All Lives DO Matter and we don’t appreciate being pitted against one another. Free Speech protects us all. Use it!

  If we destroy America, “this shining City on a Hill,” the most diverse, successful and free Country in history, there will never be another like it …not ever again.


letter to the editor

6 thoughts on “Warwick is a Lovely Town that Welcomes People of Any Race

  1. Fantastic, spot on response…I do not believe there is prevalent racism here, there or anywhere…just a very few ignorant people scattered about, ruining lives and they don’t have a clue. When did it become okay to accuse others of your own beliefs, expect everyone to believe something just because it was stated/written (the name-calling, blame, and traps tossed about in politics for instance), and strip someone/place of their due respect by making such statements…where is the freedom in that? Freedom of speech? No, no, no…that was not the intent – mal-intent should never be the intent. Respect and responsibility makes America great; check your words, check your intention.
    God Bless America, each and everyone of us!

    1. Thank you. Just the fact she said (Why is it so easy to convince good people that they are bad? That there’s racism under every rock where none exists? ) shows how far people will go to hide their own hate. Where , where tell me please is there a Town, where no racism exists? Certainly not in Warwick.

      I suppose when you are the racist, then no racism exists toward you and you own racism is ignored.

  2. Whomever read this intelligent, thought provoking letter and commented that it was racist… well it appears this is akin to an inkblot test…. if you want to see racism where none exists then maybe, just maybe looking in the mirror may be the answer. The only way to rid the world of any shred of racism is to raise your children that there are either good people or not good people in the world…. the people who are negative haters and want attention because they are so insecure are the ones spouting hate because that’s who they are. All you good people with true good intentions keep doing the right thing and teach the children and ignore these ignorant ones for this is their way to get attention since it appears they have absolutely no other way to say LOOK AT ME! Wish your parents raised you right…

    …. my father was a Deputy Sheriff and a highly decorated soldier fighting for all the right of Americans and my father-n-law, a NYC police officer. I am proud of the day in and day out work they did by putting their lives on the line each and every day for all Americans! My mother and brother and I waited every evening for my daddy to walk into the house so we could all breathe a sigh of relief.

    No response of negativity will be addressed… go out and volunteer, help children, innocent animals or any cause where you do some good for others instead of attempting to tear good people down. Try it, it just may free your soul. Do a random act of kindness…it’s good for your heart and GREAT for your soul! Go in peace…..

    1. She said Warwick is a place where no racism exists. (Why is it so easy to convince good people that they are bad? That there’s racism under every rock where none exists? )

      There is no one, including the letter writer who believes that. This whole letter is just a white wash. ( no pun intended)

  3. Just the fact that this letter writer would be so unabashed to knowingly be untruthful by saying racism does not exist in Warwick, shows this is nothing but a white wash.

    Had they even just said, yes, there is some, or a minimal, but everyone knows it exists and flourishes in Warwick, and to deny it even exists, is part of our problem.

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