WFD: Call O&R Before Digging on Property 

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By Michael Contaxis, 

1st Assistant Chief Warwick Fire Department

The Warwick Fire Department (WFD) has responded to 184 calls for service to date. 

On Sat., July 11, WFD responded to a residence in the Village of Warwick due to a homeowner who had struck a 1/2” gas line next to the meter of the home while using a pole digger without calling for a prior authorization mark out from Orange and Rockland Utilities at #811. Remember to call before you dig!  Firefighters checked the home for gas with meters reporting negative results and the scene was turned over to Orange and Rockland Utilities. #Call811BeforeYouDig!!!

Warwick Fire Prevention 

  Fire safety begins with all of us! Many home fires are preventable! Always remember to keep our community Warwick Fire Safe. While vacationing with your children and family members we ask that you explore online Fire Prevention training activities with them to help keep them and your families fire safe.  Follow for fun interactive ways to learn about fire safety.

  July is National Hot Dog Month, and frankly, we could all use a little celebrating. We hope that you’ll safely join in the celebration of one of America’s favorite foods! It’s a great time to review safe grilling practices: NFPA – Grilling safety

Join the Fire Department

  For those who are 16 years of age or older who want to give back to the community, join the Warwick Fire Department. For more information call 986-3473 or send an email to or

Photo courtesy of the Warwick Fire Department

Warwick firefighters secure the scene of a residential gas leak in the Village of Warwick. 

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