Mayor Harter: Explaining Noisemakers

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Hello Florida,

This time of year, I usually get several questions about “gunfire” coming from the black dirt valley and I wanted to take a moment to address this annual concern. The noise you are hearing is not dangerous; it’s either a recording or a propane-based noise maker. These types of noise makers are put in place this time of year to protect farmers’ crops from birds, bears, and deer among other critters. The noise can be annoying to some but let’s all try to remember that the farmers livelihoods are at stake and without these methods they could lose significant amounts of crops.

   In a few short weeks, it finally looks like we are going to be able to hold the elections that were postponed last March. The positions that are up for election are Mayor and two Trustees. On Tues., Sept. 15 from 12 noon to 9 p.m. voting will be held at the Florida Senior Center, located behind village hall on 33 South Main St. Social distancing rules will be enforced and regular sanitizing procedures will be utilized during the voting hours. 

If you do not want to vote in person you can vote by absentee ballot. Paperwork for the absentee ballots can be picked up any time at the front desk of Village Hall. Simply fill out the form, complete your ballot, place it in the envelope, and you’re done. Absentee ballots will be collected starting now until 5 p.m. on Sept. 15. If you already completed one before the March election date it will be included.

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