The Healing Power of Art Community Art Show

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The Albert Wisner Public Library, located at 1 McFarland Dr. in Warwick, is hosting a new outdoor exhibit, “The Healing Power of Art.” The Story Walk Exhibit space is located behind the library building and parking lot.

  Participating artists include: Shelley Meisler, Ellen MacDonald, Shelby Conneely, Liz Parkinson, Elaine Norman, Pat Foxx, Marcy Talbot, Diane Ouzoonian, Mary Bono, Roslyn Fassett, Karen Segboer, Leila Noueihad, Toni Kreusch, Angelo Marcialis, Kevin Ulnick, Madelyn Garstak, Amy Lewis Sweetman, Mary Shields, Cathe Linton, and Josephine Buck.

Photo provided

‘COVID Selfie’ by Diane Ouzoonian will be on display at an art show. 

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