Drawdown Postponed for Greenwood Lake 

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      The Greenwood Lake Commission is officially notifying the residents and businesses around Greenwood Lake, as well as the public, that the 2020/2021 drawdown for the lake has been officially postponed until the fall of 2021/ 2022. This of course will be based on weather conditions and any other issues that could affect a decision to go forward with a drawdown at that time.

   The Commission apologizes for the delay, as they have been waiting to hear from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), and recently found out that it will be the Commission’s decision to make. The NJDEP will not consider an action on its own without support of the Greenwood Lake Commission.  

  After holding two public hearings, as well as additional discussions at three monthly Commission meetings, at which time, the Commissioners could not meet the required number of votes to continue or cancel the drawdown. This being the case, the drawdown is postponed until next year, pending scheduled public hearings to be held next January in New Jersey and February in New York.

     The Commission was recently informed that the NJDEP is evaluating the environmental benefits and impacts of conducting drawdowns across the state. The NJDEP is evaluating a wide range of factors regarding the impact of drawdowns such as water quality from an ecological standpoint, HABS and other harmful bacteria/ toxins affecting water quality.

    As the Commission receives more information regarding drawdowns, they will make that information known to the public. 

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