Changing Leadership for Warwick Backpack Snack Attack Organization

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  As Shirley Puett, longtime Executive Director of the local Backpack Snack Attack program, hands over the leadership position of this local organization to Backpack volunteer Jenna Price, she plans to remain very actively involved in the program.

  Backpack Snack Attack is an outreach program of the Warwick Reformed Church that provides food on school year weekends to nearly 300 children in the Town of Warwick school districts of Florida, Greenwood Lake, Pine Island and Warwick.

   Shirley co-founded Backpack Snack Attack in January 2009. In the nearly twelve years since the program’s launch, Shirley has attracted a wonderful group of volunteers and built tremendous community support for the organization. 

   “We are very blessed,” says Shirley. “And thanks to the support of our community, we’ve never had to turn away any family or child needing the support of our program.”  
  Backpack leaders and volunteers are very appreciative of Shirley’s devotion to this important program, and to the needy children in the community. 

   As incoming Executive Director, Jenna has spent many years as a key volunteer for Backpack Snack Attack, with strong organizational skills developed as a former Executive Assistant at Goldman Sachs and on the Board of the Chopper 2002 Foundation.
  During the current COVID-19 pandemic, Jenna organized over 100 volunteers to deliver meals to kids in the program. Meals are provided by the Warwick Valley Central School District and the Backpack volunteer organization.

Photo provided 

Backpack Snack Attack’s incoming Executive Director, Jenna Price with (right) is pictured with retiring Executive Director & Co-Founder Shirley Puett.



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