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Mary Collura’s Dedication to the Village is Insurmountable

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  I am writing to encourage the people of the Village of Warwick to vote for Mary Collura for Village Trustee.  I know Mary for several years and have observed, firsthand, that she consistently operates from a “Yes, I can do it” place that politely aligns with her innate desire to serve others. 

  I’d like to highlight a common vintage thread that is obvious throughout her life. Mary thrives in the service industry. Serving people directly, serving companies’ marketing strategies with graphic design, her neighbors, local children by purchasing needed sporting goods, serving and supporting community members and their civil rights, serving her local veterans and seeking out mental and physical health support for them, and, at the root of it all, serving her Village.  When asked to do, try or help with something, she always replies, “Yes, I’ll do it.”

  Mary has organized former residents to resurrect a time capsule, documented Village Hall meetings, actively preserved the Village’s historical significance, dedicated her time, energy and love to the celebration of the Sesquicentennial, is an active member of the local radio show, all while responding with a “Yes, I’ll do it.”

  Mary’s dedication to the Village of Warwick is insurmountable. Including at times when Mary’s needs should have come first, she continued to support her community with her “Yes, I’ll do it” attitude.  Mary lost her mother in July of 2018 and she used that same community that she has served as she allowed it to serve her as she strapped on her helmet and her mother’s preferred Chanel Red lipstick and rode in the Annual Bicycle Parade. 

  It is without question that Mary’s service to Warwick would start with a “Yes, I’ll do it.”  She has always served the Village of Warwick, it’s time to make it official.  


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