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  I am writing to remind folks to support Corey Bachman and Barry Cheney in the Sept. 15 Village election.

   When I endorsed Corey back in January, it was because I was impressed with his enthusiasm and desire to roll up his sleeves and work for the Village residents. I continue to be impressed with his commitment to this position. Over the past several months Corey hasn’t stopped learning. He’s reached out to me with many questions about the comprehensive master plan, the Village code, the budget and general policies and procedures. He’s hasn’t missed a Village meeting or budget work session.

    Corey’s detail-oriented approach will be an asset to the Village Board; his desire to study all sides and make decisions based on that study is an important trait for Village leadership and his commitment to community service is admirable and makes him a role model for the Village. 

   My support for Barry Cheney is based on all of the work he has accomplished for the Village. His work to update the water and sewer systems has not only saved the taxpayer money but brings immeasurable value to prepare us for the new systems that are in the works. Apart from the benefit of having a professional engineer on the Board, we have been lucky to have such a hard working Deputy Mayor. 

  Barry is open minded and willing to discuss varying views before making a decision. He’s a good man who has spent countless hours in various community organizations including decades working with the Warwick Little League. Barry’s almost 30 years with the Village Planning Board brings so much value to the work of the Village Board.  We have been lucky to have him and I’m grateful he is willing to stay for another term and more hard work.


letter to the editor


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