Mayor Newhard: Fall Begins, a Season of Change

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  The air has cooled, light has turned from brightness to a golden warmth, there are long shadows at days end; it is Fall in the Valley, a season of change.

  A Village Election slated for March, and then was postponed twice, finally occurred on Sept. 15. Four candidates for two Trustee seats and a strong write-in campaign colored our world for weeks. It was an election during the time of COVID-19 which added or fueled emotions. But now it’s over, and the Village residents have voiced their decision which is the thing that matters. 

  Congratulations to Barry Cheney, incumbent and Deputy Mayor, and to Corey Bachman an enthusiastic and creative young man on your win. I’m looking forward to working with both of you. Barry has been a good friend, mentor, and confidant and I’m pleased that we will continue to work together. I believe Corey will bring new perspective and ideas to the Board and will work diligently to make a stronger, better Village.

  On behalf of the Village Board and the residents of our Village I would like to thank Eileen Patterson for many years of dedication and service to our Village. Eileen’s love and passion for her community are apparent through her work as a Trustee. The Village Board has accomplished much over time and has faced challenges as well. Eileen brought a sense of fairness, experience, and humor that allowed us all to have a balanced picture of ourselves and the tasks at hand. Thank you for your support, your work, and friendship.

  The election brought out over 1,000 residents. The record absentee ballots due to COVID-19 and a write-in campaign brought with it an intense amount of administrative work and careful polling. Thank you to all our Poll Workers for grace under pressure. Thank you to Village Clerk, Raina Abramson, who did a remarkable job organizing before, during, and after the election. The work, in this case, started in April for the original March election!  More so a marathon than a sprint and handled with composure and professionalism. 

    A little-known fact: The Bank Street Bridge belongs to Orange County. This past Friday the bridge was closed due to structural issues and was given a red flag designation by NYSDOT. The bridge will remain open to pedestrian traffic only. The entire bridge will be replaced next Fall. 

   Our hearts go out to the family of David Snell. David passed this week unexpectedly. The Snell family have been an important part of our African American community and David was a strong and positive voice. His kindness and soulful wisdom will be remembered.

   The seasons change. We continue with adapting to our new reality – masks, distancing, hand washing, and wiping down surfaces has become our normal. It’s hard and it’s a responsibility to ourselves and to our community. I urge everyone to be kind to themselves and to take pleasure in the magnificence that surrounds us. It’s not only the beauty of place, but more importantly its people.

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  1. Congratulations Barry and Corey. And Mayor Newhard, we thank you for leading our community with peace throughout the changes in the world.
    Mayor Newhard, your writings are brilliant, historical, uplifting and must be published. Author, Lisa Kevins

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