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Thankful for Florida School District Efforts

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Ava Morgan, 4, waited for the bus to proudly head off to her first day at the ‘big girl school’.  “I waited my whole life to go on the bus”, she told her father, Josh Morgan and me with a warm embrace as a few anticipatory tears were shed. 

A special thank you to the entire administrative team at Golden Hill Elementary School for a superb job getting our kids back in the classroom in an unprecedented five-day-a-week fashion.  This is our first child to hit the district.  We are humbly thankful to see fruitful inner workings of the amazing district we have long been told we resided in. 

I’ve talked to many in other districts and counties and can say with confidence, Florida Union Free defied all odds and grand-slammed the expectations out of the park!!  The ‘little district’ did BIG things through this health crisis. We see you and we appreciate you: administration, operations personnel and teachers alike! 


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