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Metzger Helped Pass Climate Leadership & Protection Act

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  Experts tell us to stop thinking in terms of the climate being the “warmest in the last 100 years” but rather the “coolest for the next 100 years.” The climate fires and hurricanes have caused catastrophic human, economic and environmental loss. Urgent action is needed to keep this planet inhabitable. 

Climate change impacts all areas of our lives… from health to standard of living and exacerbates wars between countries as climate refugees move to other countries and nations fight for scarcer resources. We cannot wait for the federal government to address this issue! This is why I will again be casting my vote for Jen Metzger for State Senate.

   Jen helped pass the Climate Leadership and Protection Act last year. The targets in this act are in line with the recommendations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and are necessary if we are to avoid the most severe impacts of climate change.

   She has secured funding for more electric vehicle infrastructure.  Jen’s work banning fracking pre-dates her time in the senate.  She helped win New York’s ban on fracking in 2014 and was the leader in making this ban a law once elected to the senate. Jen has the endorsement of the three leading environmental groups in the region.

   Please join me in voting for Jen Metzger on Nov.  3 – without a healthy environment our communities cannot thrive.


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