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‘Such Hypocrisy!’

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  If the Senate Republicans were confident that President Trump will be reelected, there would be no need to rush through the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. There would be plenty of time after the election, if their candidate won.

  Instead, in order to be certain that they accomplish their goal of placing another conservative judge on the court, they are willing to rationalize that there’s a difference between confirming Barrett during an election year, but refusing to allow the same for Merrick Garland, President Obama’s nominee.  Such hypocrisy!

  Meanwhile, the Republicans in the Senate cannot find the time, nor the will, to pass a stimulus bill that would help millions of Americans who are unemployed, states and school districts whose budgets are stretched to the limit, and families that are unable to pay rent, or keep food on their tables. Senate Leader McConnell has been quoted as saying that things are too “murky” in the country so close to an election to pass such a bill.

  Such a double standard, but apparently, they don’t have standards. What they do have, however, is an unrelenting need to abuse their power.


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2 thoughts on “‘Such Hypocrisy!’

  1. What is it that you are afraid of, Dorothy? She is brilliant, high integrity, and has a fair record.
    You are incorrect about the hold up for the stimulus bill – Nancy Pelosi has held it up, demanding the nation bail out some irresponsible spending done by Blue states, and other unnecessary ineffectual spending at a time when our citizens are suffering. The Republicans are no saints, but they are not going to burden our nation with an unfair bill. We are all responsible for wiser personal, budget minded spending, the government has wasted far too much money for far too long a time. We cannot keep bailing them out.
    Expand your news sources, listen to both sides, open yourself up to the other side, and find more peace.

  2. There are two facts that you seem to be forgetting. Fact number one is that everything that is being done with her nomination and confirmation is according to the Constitution of the United States. Fact number two is that presidents are elected for a four year term. Not three and a half years or anything less than four years. So stop crying.

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