Warwick EMS Fields 119 Calls in September

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  The Warwick Community Ambulance Service fielded 119 calls and worked 170 hours for the month of September. They responded to the following calls: 32 for general illness; 28 falls; 11 calls each for injuries and motor vehicle accidents; eight for difficulty breathing; five overdoses; four calls each for strokes, medic alert activations, and cardiac related; three calls each for fire standbys and altered mental status; and two calls each for air-med transports, assaults, and standbys. 

       All of these calls were handled by volunteers who provide service 24/7. The Warwick Community Ambulance Service is always looking for new members. Those   interested in volunteering, can visit www.warwickems.com to print an application; call and leave a message at 986-4136; or stop by the bay at 146 South St. Ext. in Warwick.

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