‘Awesome Group!’ – FVP Grateful for Volunteers 

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The Town of Warwick Friendly Visitor Program (FVP) would like to express gratitude to the Volunteers who have generously donated many hours of their time to help our senior Neighbors during the past year. 

The FVP volunteers include: Kathy Ahearn, Andrew Baker, Denise Baker, Corey Bachman, Lisa Bacenet, Tina Bossio-Kristine, Ann Briscese, Steve Carras, Bob Chapel, Hal Ciappa, Kelly Cirillo, Jean Corbi Ciappa, Winnie C. Cuzzolino, Marie Cunningham, Nancy Delille, Jelane Dooley, Jim Dyer, Sean Eubanks, Dianna Fox, Nancy Fuoco, Janet Getz, Claudia Giglio, Michele Grigalunas, Mary Hagan, Bruce Hunter, Dorothy Kelly, Peter Kohlberger, Kristin Korn, Heather Kuiphoff, Janet Ladka, Marie Luca, Kathy Lupinski, Sara Magee, Lori Marrie, John Mattera, Cindy Miller, Kathryn Oresto, Celia Ottochino, Gretchen Paez, Tom Papa, Janet Phillips, Patrick Phillips, Shari Rake, Carolyn Riley, Johanna Roche, Rob Rosenwald, Peg Ross, Jan Sarnowski, Richard Schwartz, Louisa Tafuto, Liz Waitze, and Denise White.

Become a Friendly Visitor Volunteer

The Warwick FVP will be holding new volunteer training sessions via Zoom on Thurs., Nov. 12 at 10 a.m. and Tues., Dec. 8 at 3 p.m.  Other training dates available as well.  Call 341-1173 ext. 305 to register for the training.


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