Greenwood Lake Hosts Virtual Tree Lighting

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By Janmarie Foschini

The Village of Greenwood Lake hosted their Annual Tree Lighting on Wed., Dec. 2. Although this was a virtual event, it was still a special time for the community. Residents “tuned in” via Facebook live and watched the festivities unroll. 

Village Attorney John Buckheit narrated a live tour down Windermere Ave. while being led by the Village of Greenwood Lake Police and Fire Departments. He highlighted the local establishments that displayed festive lights and decorations. The Village streets were decorated with wreaths and snowflakes for all to enjoy this holiday season.

  The main event began as Santa Claus arrived on the Fire Truck with lights and sirens blaring to make his grand entrance. Santa welcomed the community and spoke to everyone at home, 

“Regardless of what is going on in the world, we will always have Christmas and we always have Greenwood Lake. Santa will always come here to his favorite place. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!” said Santa Claus. 

    Mayor Jesse Dwyer gave a big thank you to Santa Claus for helping with the annual tree lighting and for taking time out of his busy schedule to come to the Village every year. Mayor Dwyer thanked John Buckheit for streaming the live feed for the Village, and the Village grounds crew for all the hard work they did for the community. 

  “A special thank you goes to Nancy Choconi, owner of Color Palette, for donating her time to put her special touches on our community tree,” said Mayor Dwyer.  

  Mayor Dwyer also thanked the Greenwood Lake Ambulance Corps. for letting the Village host their yearly celebration in their parking lot and the Fire Department for delivering Santa safely. Santa Claus concluded the festive event by leading a countdown for the lighting of the tree accompanied by Christmas music.

  “We hope everyone has a great year, Happy Holidays, and an amazing Christmas. To all those who helped with the preparations for this event, we can’t thank everyone enough for all your hard work and dedication,” said Mayor Dwyer. 

Photo by Janmarie Foschini 

The Village of Greenwood Lake recently held their Annual Tree Lighting. This year’s event was held virtually & streamed live on Facebook for everyone to enjoy. 

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