Mayor Dwyer: Ice Rinks Are Up!!

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The Village ice rinks, which were donated last year by local resident Sean Aronsen, were again installed over the weekend in the Helen Kelly Field by resident Duncan McCarthy and crew. The rinks, open to the public, will be open as soon as the rinks freeze thoroughly. We will use signs to indicate if the rinks are open and closed and a sign will also tell you which rink is designated for free skating and which is for team hockey. Be sure to pick up skates before it’s too late!

A Phone Call Goes a Long Way

As Christmas approaches, loneliness for some may begin to set in. With isolation issues resulting from the pandemic, a phone call to those near and far is more important now more than ever before. If you are fortunate enough to be surrounded by family and loved ones, please keep in mind those who are not and give them a call to check in, say “hi” and wish them a Merry Christmas. 

On behalf of the Village Board and staff for the Village of Greenwood Lake, I would like to wish everyone in our community, town, and region a very Merry Christmas!






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