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This is a love letter I write on behalf of the Nachtigal family, on the loss of our beloved husband and father.  Allow me to extend my most sincere appreciation to the profoundly kind and eminently capable members of Warwick’s health care system who attended Joe during his brief illness and sudden passing. 

  Warwick Ambulance Service volunteers ably and swiftly transported him to the Emergency Room.  Once admitted, many compassionate ICU nurses at St. Anthony Community Hospital, Laurie, Pearl, Steve, Glemma, Kristen and others, cared for him – and our family – compassionately. Drs. Lettsome, Xie, Quinones, Bezdicek, and Schaffer, among others, treated our beloved Joe tirelessly and valiantly. 

   When our loss became a reality, Roger and the expert staff of Lazear-Smith & Vander Plaat Memorial Home immediately embraced us and ushered us through hosting a farewell visitation for our extended family and friends.  

   Each step my grieving children and I took, despite being shrouded in the threat of this pandemic, was lit by caring Warwick professionals who anticipated and fulfilled our needs.

   Joe and I initially chose Warwick for its vintage homes, historic buildings, pastoral landscapes, and charming Main Street.  Over the ensuing 40 years, we found ourselves connecting to our neighbors through our work – Joe remodeled many Warwick homes, I taught many Warwick children – Sadie and Owen’s social lives, and the many parties we hosted and attended (in our partying days).  

  What we learned, suffering this great personal loss, is that Warwick is considerably more than a pretty face; the Town of Warwick has provided us a beautiful tapestry woven of skilled community servants, generous co-workers and clients, and abundantly kind friends.  We are warmed, we are comforted, we are nurtured. 

  As Coretta Scott King acknowledged, The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.  It is our great fortune to have made a home in the great community of Warwick.


letter to the editor


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