Mayor Dwyer: Growing Local on Poplar Street!

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Thanks to the hard work, dedication and creative vision of local resident, Chad Pilieri and the Grow Local volunteers, there will soon be a community-oriented garden property located for all on Poplar Street in downtown Greenwood Lake. Vastly different from the very successful Community Garden located next to CVS, the Grow Local “Common Ground” Community Garden on Poplar St. will consist partially of member plots and partially community space for gardening and outdoor enjoyment. 

The mission statement of the non-profit Grow Local Committee is “to create a sustainable, resilient, local, food hub to enhance the environmental and social health of Greenwood Lake and the surrounding communities. Our goal is to produce, distribute, and consume a significant portion of the food we eat from Greenwood Lake and the surrounding communities. We seek to initiate a project that will transform land located on Poplar Street that is currently owned and maintained by the Village into a shared community garden.” 

The Poplar Street property is a parcel of land that is essentially the lowest elevation of the neighborhood and would be nearly impossible to develop with a home. It is currently mowed weekly and serves as a dog walking area where our Village employee must cleanup after others. Having a community garden located on this property will finally serve a broader spectrum of the Village and allow greater use of a nice piece of Village-owned property. 

  On behalf of the Village Board and staff of the Village of Greenwood Lake, I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year! 





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  1. Great idea, of course it will need a nice tall fence to keep out pesky critters. It’s great to see things like this being proposed and put in.

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