Local Artist’s Jewelry Appears in Movie

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     Melissa Pikul, designer/owner of Metals & Pieces, located in Florida, N.Y., was happily surprised when she spotted Marie Osmond wearing her ‘Wings of Fire Necklace’ on Lifetime’s ‘The Road Home for Christmas.’ The movie premiered on Sat., Oct. 26.

     “I had sent the necklace to Nancy Cannon, the costume designer, for consideration through a gifting with The Artisan Group for a different holiday movie, so seeing it show up here nearly knocked me over!,” Melissa said.

     To add something extra to that small-town mystique this year, Metals & Pieces will host several Open Studio Days throughout the holiday season. Guests will have the chance to interact with Melissa’s creations in person allowing them a chance to experience the strong, yet elegant, designs for themselves.

     To learn more, contact Melissa Pikul at melissa@metalsandpieces.com. Follow her on Facebook (MetalsAndPieces) and on Instagram & Twitter (@metalsandpieces). Shop at Metals & Pieces at https://www.metalsandpieces.com.

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