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A Big Thank You to Warwick

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      When the phone calls came to us that our business was on fire it was devastating. Craig and I both drove as quickly as we could to our shop on Main Street only to see smoke pouring from the roof, fire engines, fire fighters and other first responders. We knew that our place of business that our family started and has been running since 1984 was going to be badly damaged at best…it was destroyed. We could just look and cry.

     Our first thoughts were total confusion; what do we do?…six of our customer’s cars inside burning, our loyal employees…how will we pay them? There was nothing to do but watch.

     Through that night the support from the firefighters on the scene, from other local business owners, our employees and friends were amazing, and it didn’t stop there. In the days that followed meals were brought to our homes; friends, and other business owners, and family members called offering any help we might need. Gift certificates were given to us and our employees.

      Warwick is a great town, because of the people who live here and work here, Warwick is a family of people who truly care for one another and look out for one another.

      With your encouragement we will both be working hard to rebuild a new and better Warwick Valley Auto Body. We thank our customers for their understanding, and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your care, concerns, thoughtfulness, prayers, good wishes and continuing support. We consider ourselves very grateful and lucky to be a part of this town.



letter to the editor

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