G.L. Comm. Receives $20K from O.C.

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     Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus recently presented the Greenwood Lake Commission with a check for $20,000 to help maintain and beautify the lake. Neuhaus was joined at a small ceremony in front of the landmark lake by Town of Warwick Supervisor Mike Sweeton, Orange County Legislator Barry Cheney and Town Councilman Floyd DeAngelo, who is the New York Chairperson of the Greenwood Lake Commission.

     “We want to promote Greenwood Lake, which is a popular tourist destination, while also maintaining its beauty,” said Neuhaus.

     “The Town of Warwick is grateful for the support of County Executive Steve Neuhaus, Legislator Barry Cheney and the entire legislature to help in the preservation of Greenwood Lake, an important County asset,” Sweeton said. “These funds will help the Greenwood Lake Bi-State Commission continue the important work of keeping the lake healthy and accessible to the many visitors and local residents who enjoy its excellent boating, fishing and dining opportunities.”

1 thought on “G.L. Comm. Receives $20K from O.C.

  1. So glad we have a County Executive that is a professional ribbon cutter and hand shaker. The people doing the day to day activities that are needed to run the County are; a) not elected at all, b) making decisions that effect the County residents without the input of the County Executive and c) do this with the full blessing and knowledge of the County Executive. But hey, County Executive Neuhaus does a radio show so we should all be happy he’s such a star here in Orange County.

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