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      I would like to address the recently published article in the Feb. 5 issue of the Times-Herald Record titled, “Pulpit Rock Developer’s Price for Land Too High for Warwick,” and clarify some statements that were made.

        First and foremost, I have not refused, or even discussed any tangible offers, as stated in the article, as no such offers were ever presented to me.

      While the meeting did take place, I was surprised to see the Town Supervisor Michael Sweeton there, since I was there solely to discuss specific Village policies with the Village of Warwick Mayor Michael Newhard.

        I think both, Michael Sweeton and the public, were misled as to the true purpose of that meeting.     In reality, I simply could not take part in such discussion without approval of the corporate counsel, which I made clear, stating that I was not planning or ready for such discussion. I did however share my vision for the development of the lot on West St. and County Rte. 1 and the benefits it will generate as well as my commitment to see it through.

      Also, I was never asked to comment on the article or was even aware of its upcoming publication. Finally, as for the self-proclaimed Preservation Society so fervently discussing the subject of preservation I would like to ask its 10 members of their opinion on recently confirmed plans by O&R to construct the electrical substation in the very lot adjacent to our property – the very gate of greenbelt leading to our Village.

      How does that compare to our plan to bring a much-needed hospitality establishment, built as a Colonial Village with Pulpit Rock as its focal point, while generating local jobs and tax revenue among many more benefits?

      Therefore, I can’t speak to the validity of the article, nevertheless, I am open to discuss any legitimate and serious offers if the town or village would like to present, and share it with the press and community, when asked. Until then, I ask that any allegations stating otherwise be disregarded, since the article is not factually correct.


letter to the editor

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