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Vote for Cheney & Collura for Village of Warwick Trustee

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      I have lived in the Village of Warwick since 1952 and graduated from Warwick H.S. I served in the US Air force and became a Warwick Village Police Officer in June of 1966 which merged with the Warwick Town Police in 1991. I retired as a Sgt. in 2002. I am known in the community for teaching the Defensive Driving courses in Warwick as well as a certified instructor for the NYS Five Hr. Pre-Licensing course.

      I have never endorsed a candidate for office before but I feel compelled to ask for your support for two candidates running for Warwick Village Trustee. I was on the Warwick 150 committee and involved with planning for the time capsule.

     This is where I met Mary Collura who encouraged me to be a part of this group in which she worked hard to make it a success. She asked me to locate some old timers who were part of the original Warwick 100-year celebration in 1967. I connected her with the late Charlie Papaceno and Louise Gilbert who were both part of the planning. She included them in the parade and garnered so much information from them – making the 150th celebration inclusive for all to enjoy. Mary is a team player and has devoted countless volunteer hours at fundraisers in the Village.

      While I was in Village Hall for committee meetings I saw Trustee Barry Chaney always in the meeting room working hard on some project for the Village. I asked the Mayor about Barry also being an Orange County Legislator and he said we were lucky to have him in both roles as he was valuable to our Village. I can attest to his work ethic. He serves as Deputy Mayor and is very capable as any other Village official or employee will attest.

      Please recognize these two Village residents as your choice for the two Village Trustee positions that are being voted on Mar. 18.


letter to the editor

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