Jacob Piskadlo

Piskadlo is Warwick School District’s Artist of the Week

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      Third-grader Jacob Piskadlo is really “rocking it” on the recorder!  This Park Avenue Elementary scholar has emerged as a great role model when it comes to trying a new instrument and putting one’s best foot forward.

      His music teacher, Ms. Katlyn Chester, comments, “Jacob is being nominated because he is a model student and a great example to everyone around him.  Kind and respectful, he is very helpful during music class.  He is also inquisitive and always tries to improve his skill sets as a musician. As the third grade has recently started its introduction to the recorder, Jacob has demonstrated that he is a great listener while trying to learn everything that he can to play the first few songs that have been introduced.  He comes in every day with a smile on his face, ready to learn; he brings positive energy to the class, which creates a great learning environment for everyone.  He is working hard to learn basic notes while playing the recorder for the very first time!”

      Park Avenue Principal Bill Biniaris confirms that Jacob truly stands out in terms of his enthusiasm for playing the recorder.  He states, “Since arriving at Park Avenue Elementary, I have seen Jacob stand out as a student in our building. My observations can attest to everything that his teacher shares, and my conversation with him about this nomination was the best part of my day.  Although Jacob loves playing the recorder and learning his musical notes, he shared with me that he hopes to one day become a maple farmer.  He enjoys tapping the maple trees each year on his uncle’s farm.  His uncle is one of his favorite people because he is “super cool.”

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