Entertainer John Tesh Aids in Warwick Relief

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By Sara Paul

The tension in the hospital air was a bit lighter when staff members at St. Anthony Community Hospital (SACH) received some well-deserved gifts, items purchased through a national fundraiser held by musician, writer and radio host John Tesh.

Through his efforts, healthcare worker relief care packages were sent to radio stations around the country where they were designated to specific healthcare facilities. 

One of the stations Tesh selected was WTBQ in Warwick. Subsequently, station manager Taylor Sterling chose to distribute the precious cargo to St. Anthony Community Hospital.

On Wed., May 6, Sterling and WTBQ station owner Frank Truatt delivered a large box filled with protein bars, dozens of GrubHub gift cards and even an iPad, which patients use to communicate with family.

“The staff were beyond thrilled and so surprised,” commented Sterling. “It’s so important to keep medical staff morale up. Even in the small things like leaving encouraging notes, these are all little moral boosters that make a huge difference… and we need to continue it!”

Tesh’s message to hospital staff, from doctor to nurse to janitor, is that of utmost “Respect!”

“We don’t know how you are doing what you are doing and we don’t even know if we would have the courage,” acknowledged Tesh, whose inspiring messages can be experienced during his radio show “Intelligence for Your Life.”

A native Long Islander, who as a young boy scout spent summers with his troop in the woods of Orange County, Tesh has a special place in his heart for this town.

“I spent a lot of time in a tent in Warwick and have very fond memories… This is my neck of the woods,” said Tesh, who was happy to partner up with “like-minded” radio hosts like Sterling. “You do something like this and it inspires other people to step up, so that’s really what our job is. Our charge is to inspire by action.” 

“When you do good for somebody, even somebody you don’t know, it releases this amazing amount of oxytocin and serotonin, the feel-good hormones,” commented Tesh, who has seen his share of struggles and uncertainty.

In his latest book Relentless, Tesh reveals that he was once homeless and also beat a terminal cancer diagnosis. Tesh often discusses how he found strength through faith and the healing power of Scripture.

With a long-standing collaboration with Tesh, Sterling continues to cherish the partnership, particularly during these difficult and uncertain times.

The radio station manager said proudly, “We’re not just Warwick strong, we are America strong! Americans are a breed that when something of a dramatic nature happens, we all come together. It really does take a village, everyone pitching in, not just one day, but every day, and we are happy to be a part of these efforts.”

Photo provided

WTBQ station owner Frank Truatt (left) delivered a care package to St. Anthony Community Hospital, an effort made possible through a fundraiser organized by writer, musician & radio host John Tesh. The package was accepted by Anita Volpe, Vice President, Patient Care Services/CNE at St. Anthony Community Hospital.


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