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  I have always believed Warwick values its history and historic buildings……but, a zoning change to a parcel of land and house, on High Street and just outside of the historic district, has now put that house in peril.

  The building at 37 High St. is well over 170 years old and is part of what was the heart of Warwick. Present day Lewis Park, where the Old School Baptist Church is located, was once the village green of Warwick. The surrounding streets contained houses and businesses from which our town grew.  Only after the railroad came to Warwick, did the center of town move away from the town green.  For many years, 37 High St. was the home of Joe and Nancy Kosior and family.  Joe was a former fire chief in Warwick and many residents remember seeing Nancy all over town, during her long walks.

  Yes, the building is not historically significant, nor did anyone famous live there, but, it is part of the fabric of Warwick. Its scale and style fits that of High St.  Even though the house is just a one step outside of the historic district, it deserves respect. We have already lost other buildings on High St. to have them replaced with large commercial buildings.

  The Warwick Zoning Board has approved (even after protestations from neighbors) a petition, from the present owners, for a zoning change regarding a setback variance to allow the house to be razed and another building to fill over three quarters of the lot.  

   The proposed new structure will be a three story, 35 feet high brick structure with modern style- reminiscent of an updated Baltimore row house.  How does this fit into the style and scale of High St. and of the historic district? How does this add to the neighborhood?


Photo provided

This house is located at 37 High St. in the Village of Warwick. 


6 thoughts on “High Street House in Peril

  1. You wanted warwick to grow sadly to say pay the price! I grew up in warwick ny went to king elementary on kings highway your changes have saddened me High taxes

  2. Although I am currently in a very ancient village in Cornwall, England, I look back upon my 45 years in Warwick with great affection and nostalgia for its people, its beauty and its history. The delightful old houses around The Old School Baptist Church are a uniquely precious part of Warwick’s heritage and must be carefully protected. From thousands of miles away I now see, in my mind’s eye, that lovely old church on a mound with its soaring spire, the green grass all around and the quaint old wooden houses that used to admire as I walked around the village. These are artefacts that, once gone, could never be replaced. Protect them, cherish them, preserve them.

  3. This is the home that I grew up in and looked forward to handing down to our children. Unfortunately My mother has been battling dementia and the home had to be placed up for sale to cover the astronomical costs of assisted living.
    When a family home is not placed in a relatives name at least 10years prior to illness all assets are drained prior to qualifying for Medicaid. Very Sad.

    1. Cathy, I’m very sorry for your loss and that of your family. It’s sad families work so hard and then lose so much due to stipulations unknown until it’s too late, and when you’re already going through hardship & loss. Prayers to your mother and you. I hope things turn out for the best in the end in regards to selling the house.

  4. I don’t know why the author says “it’s scale and style fits that of high st”. I just drove up high st and it’s mostly multi family homes except that house which is shadowed by a massive office building across the street

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